Our exciting experience TED@Johannesburg with TEDxSoweto continued….

As promised below is the link for the voting get our SA talent to represent us at the main event later this year. “TED@Johannesburg In Soweto on May 3, TED@Johannesburg took place at the Cape Gate MIAGI Centre for Music. The day began with deep thinking about the cosmos, and wrapped up with some dynamic … Continue reading

TED Worldwide Talent Search, Johannesburg.

"ideas worth spreading"

TED Worldwide Talent Search, Johannesburg. “The Young. The Wise. The Undiscovered.” The event held on the 3rd of May was an out of this world experience. Proving that South Africans have what it takes and that our “home grown” speakers are world class. Set in Soweto, the talent search marked a historic moment as TED … Continue reading

Why be manual in your event planning – Get iT?

Welcome to Experience iT! We have set up this blog as an events 101. Managing and organising events has enough challenges on your time and people skills. We want to work on alleviating UNNECESSARY stress from your strategy so that you can concentrate on the strategic decisions and finer details. We want to hear from … Continue reading