Are you listening?

Do you listen? … Really listen? Most event planners run events, go through all the stress and let’s just be honest (with all the hard work and effort to make the event happen) we all have a small sense of pride and achievement once the event actually happens. We have all been there and only … Continue reading

Our exciting experience TED@Johannesburg with TEDxSoweto continued….

As promised below is the link for the voting get our SA talent to represent us at the main event later this year. “TED@Johannesburg In Soweto on May 3, TED@Johannesburg took place at the Cape Gate MIAGI Centre for Music. The day began with deep thinking about the cosmos, and wrapped up with some dynamic … Continue reading

Event Strategy

“People do not plan to fail… … They fail to plan” Creating better Event Strategy for greater return on your effort. We all know that creating an event, planning the event and holding the event requires alot of hard graft. There is the concept and the guests and the speakers and the venue and the … Continue reading