In today’s day and age event planners don’t have the time to manually manage stakeholder communication and activity on a daily basis. Manual event management leads to duplication and wasted information and resources that slip through the cracks and high costs and poor integration and ultimately leaving you with unnecessary stress for your events.

Experience iT has taken away the hassle, creating better Event Strategy for greater return on your effort, throughout the entire lifecycle of you events, before and during and after.

Do you want to save time in planning?

Do you want to have less stress?

Do you want to be able to increase your attendance?

Is your audience engaged through great experiences?

Are you able to measure, in real-time, your actual return on your effort?

Experience iT is your answer to Intuitive web based administration for all your event planning and allows you to plan every aspect of the event and our software is customised for your requirements

SAAS and Registration and RSVP and Scheduled Communication and Real time Reporting and Database services and Mobile integration and Apps and Ticketing and after event Surveys… All from one central point, where everyone involved in the event (event planners, attendees, suppliers, clients) can log in at anytime and get a real time picture of the event.

Investing in Experience iT, is a convenient way of running a professional event planning service, saving you…. time and money and it makes you look good.

Plan iT.

Implement iT.

Experience iT.


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