Are you listening?

Do you listen?

… Really listen?

Most event planners run events, go through all the stress and let’s just be honest (with all the hard work and effort to make the event happen) we all have a small sense of pride and achievement once the event actually happens. We have all been there and only someone who has actually been in the industry and actually created an event will understand.

The planning and preparation are the biggest time “munchers” it can take months to create the all important perfect event… How often though do you get a pat on the back.
At the event you might get certain people coming up and complementing you on your efforts (Great!) and you occasionally get the person who will come up and tell you, yes you who put in all the hard work, how they would of done it so differently and how much better their event would have been… Grrrr….

Yes it is annoying that folks do that, we agree – however… Did you listen, did you really listen?

I hear you, I'm just not listening.
Sometimes as event planners we become so emotionally involved on the project, client, brand and let’s not forget to mention the all consuming tiredness from late nights, client demands, last minute changes… the list goes on.

We should, instead of going Grrrr (behind our constant “I’m happy” smile) stop and listen. Yes, their comment may just grate a little but did you ever stop to think “I wonder who else thinks this?”

Take for example someone complaining about the food, true they might just be one of those individuals who like to complain, but did the other guests feel the same? How do you know? Would you, after all your hard work and effort want your successful event to get a bad reputation because a supplier messed up on the menu?

So someone has complained and you decide to get to the bottom of it… you quickly run to get the survey form you printed earlier and frantically hand it out to the guests…? Do you think that the guests want to be disturbed while networking to fill out a “how did I do” form? If you do use these forms; how much paper do you waste with blank papers sent back? How much time does it take to collate the information? Is it a true reflection of the crowd?

Arrrr…. more work we hear you say!

Well, think of it this way. People talk! So if you think the work is pointless… think again!

"Learn from your mistakes"

If too many people are unhappy and they tell everyone, you may not run the event again… You’ll be work free…

There are easy ways to do this and it all starts with your planning. Make it easy for your guests, our clients use our sms survey, which is pre-scheduled with your questions way before your event even starts. Plus it goes straight to their cellphone so it’s there in their hand, keep it quick and simple. They will love that you value their feedback, plus you won’t have to do the extra work at collating the information it is done for you…

Job done. You have listened and your next event will be even better! Click here to find out about making your life easier

Case studies:

"will they want to come to your next event?"

"Should you use the same speaker?"

"Was the event worthwhile?"

"Ask for business"


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