Event Strategy

“People do not plan to fail…

… They fail to plan”

Creating better Event Strategy for greater return on your effort.

We all know that creating an event, planning the event and holding the event requires alot of hard graft. There is the concept and the guests and the speakers and the venue and the food and and and… (the list goes on).

It’s not easy. It takes time and patience and tons of planning. In one word: EFFORT.

You have to put in the effort, planning and work to make it a success. So where can it all go wrong?

  • Events should have a strategy that includes the before and after – not just during.

Often, we are so consumed with the invites, organising and the actual day of the event that we forget about the little things that make a huge difference.

For example; how many of us after the event send out a survey? A thank you? Do you know what your return of your EFFORT has been?Are you happy?

  • Do you always know how many people you invited?
  • RSVP?
  • Actually attended?
  • % that liked the food?
  • Speaker ratings on the fly without wasting paper?

In a case study: One company sent out a short 5 question survey as guests were leaving the venue. 69% answered the survey, via their mobile, in the first 5 minutes of leaving…

What would this mean to you on a long term scale?

Let’s create a scenario, where you do not do a simple survey:

  • I have just attended your event (which you have worked very hard at organising) which cost me a fair amount of money to attend
  • I didn’t feel that the sessions I attended gave me any real value as the speakers were not talking about what is important to me, in my industry
  • When we broke for lunch the food was cold and I left my meal…
  • I now leave to meet some business associates and colleagues, as I don’t feel the need to stay as there is no point me being at your event

How would you know that I had had a “bad” experience? You might think that a couple of people not finding value is OK as most of the other guests enjoyed the event?

Think again. Now what if I told you that I am a very influential businessman and I have the power to influence a large number of potential guests for your next event? At the meeting with my business associates they ask how the event went as they were unable to attend.

  • I am only to quick to tell them that the food was terrible
  • The speakers were of a poor quality
  • I would not waste my money going to that event and they are lucky they didn’t have to endure the day

At a recent conference the founder and director of Hello Peter, Mr Peter Cheales said that:

  • Out of every 20 dissatisfied customers only 1 will tell you
  • Those 20 dissatisfied customers will each tell 10 others
  • And 12% of those people will tell another 20%
  • Whereas satisfied customers tell on average 5 other people!
  • It costs 5 times more to attract new customers

Now, let’s ask the question again. What was the return on your effort? Would you have preferred to know within 5 minutes that I had had a bad experience, with all the effort you put into making your event a success?


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