Why be manual in your event planning – Get iT?

Welcome to Experience iT!

We have set up this blog as an events 101. Managing and organising events has enough challenges on your time and people skills. We want to work on alleviating UNNECESSARY stress from your strategy so that you can concentrate on the strategic decisions and finer details.

We want to hear from you, to have discussions with you and to help you to get to a stage where you are in control and your attendees love you.

Everyone wants to look good. Everyone wants to be prepared and everyone always needs a few extra hours in the day – we will show you how to take planning of an event (which on average takes 30 to 50 hours) down by 2/3rds so that some of those valuable hours you will be able to enjoy again.

We will take all the iT jargon and simplify it for you.

We will be with you every step of the way because everyone deserves a rest! Work hard and play hard.

Plan iT. Implement iT. Experience iT.

It’s NOT ONLY about the technology…

… It’s about the RELATIONSHIPS.

On our blog you will find:

  • What the most time consuming and least cost-effective task in events are?
  • How to encourage dialogue and audience engagement?
  • How to avoid costly mistakes?
  • Show you how to avoid the rush and pressure.
  • Some webinar best practices?
  • What we often forget after the event?
  • How you can differentiate your event.
  • Talk about creating better Event Strategy for greater return on your effort.
  • And much much more…

Don’t forget if you have anything you want to hear about that we haven’t talked about yet. Just give us a shout.


Give us your thoughts

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